Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Countdown has begun...!!!

This being my first post in the year 2010, I wish everyone a very Happy, Safe, Successful, Memorable and Prosperous New Year...!!!
Looking back at the year 2009, I must say, it had been one of the most memorable year in my life, actually my family's life. Year started with my brother, Vipul, getting married to Divya and thus started collecting and forwarding wedding pics, gossips, video, more frequent trips to hyderabad and lot of time-pass activities. Once we started getting settled, it was my turn to get flooded with marriage proposals. This was the time when even my most distant relatives had complete information about my job, education and posting, thanks to my parents (specially mummy) and their new Agent (Bhabhi). Lots of discussions with family and close friends, IFs-BUTs, emotional blackmailing by mummy, photographs, Bio-datas etc etc.
Then came a proposal (searched by my parents' Agent) and somewhere everyone knew that it is going to get materialize or atleast go to some higher stage, but fortunately it reached the final stages and I got engaged to Nimit on this 26th December, 2009. Perfect way to end the year.
The D-day is 11th February, 2010 and everyone made sure on 11th January to remind me that its just 1 month left for the Big day. More than reminding, they were trying to scare me (and they were successful, I must say)- my bhabhi, his bhabhi, maums, my cab-mates, my usual gtalk-gang...and so, even I have started the countdown. Today as I write this post, the status is 1 Month - 2 days (thats more positive way rather than saying 28 days)... Help me...

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