Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happening Week-Part1

The last week (not the weekend, but the week) was so happening. I travelled from South to North-east, all alone, for my two best friends were getting married (finally) at Agartala (Tripura). And the moment I would mention “Tripura”, everybody would raise atleast one or both the eyebrows as if I just had committed some murder. Specially my mother. Actually had to fight with her to convince that Agartala is also just another city in India. If bombs can go off there, so can at Jaipur as well. If flights can be delayed or missed or cancelled for Agartala, so can be for any other city. I really don't understand that even after travelling to so many places alone, by all means, why can't someone have just a bit of faith on me that I WILL take precautions for safe journey?
Anyways. To take off from office during the week is the most satisfying feeling and yes, I left for Delhi after office on Monday. In this post, I may just describe this small flight from Bangalore to Delhi. Can't say if it can be categorized as funny or horrifying.
I got the aisle seat of right side and to the left side came a “small” punjabi family, comprising of a very old man (83 years old- A), another elderly couple (61 years- B and 58 years- C respectively), their daughter- a middle age woman (37 years old- D) and her son (8-9 years old- E). Thanks to them, I could not sleep or relax for even one single moment:

1. All of them, except A, changed and swapped the seats among themselves and other passengers. C was the most difficult to move around, thanks to the excess usage of ghee/butter/oil that she must have done in her life, but she was the one who changed the seats maximum number of time.
2. By the time, I reached Delhi, I knew why and how they had come down to South and now going back (because their voice levels where nowhere near to whispers). It was D's brother's wedding. A Punjabi who must have married a South Indian girl, at Mysore.
3. I also know that the family had got the Spinach-Corn sandwiches packed from the CCD on the way back to Bangalore from Mysore, but still had the heaviest bill with the GoAir catering service. Yes, apart from their own packed sandwiches, they bought other sandwiches, nachos, juices from the airline caterers.
4. C and D were typical of Punjabi Gossip Ladies, addressing other ladies present in the wedding by their weight, size, saree color or makeup thickness.
5. C and D took time off from their gossips to look at the Items on sale in the airline and in 5 minutes asked Mr. B to handover mere Rs. 1100 for a purse.
6. Finally, E became alive after having nachos and swapped the seat with dear grandma (C) to sit with dearest grandpa (B) on the window seat.
a) The moment I loosened my seat belt to relax, bang came his first question – “Nanaji, what if another plane comes from this side and breaks this wing of our plane”. My instant reaction was to fasten my seat belt.
b) Without waiting for the answer came another question – “Nanaji, if there suddenly appears a hole on the floor of this plane and someone puts his leg on that hole, what will happend?”
c) Mind it, Mr. B was trying to answer him, but he had no time to listen to any explanations. There were so many randomly thought questions, which even God would not bother to answer. Does anyone reside on North Pole? If not, then why at the first place is it there on the earth? We should cut it off from earth.
d) Which are the best and the worst Domestic and the International airlines according to you?
e) Is this window having double layer of glass? Why two layers, when only one layer could have sufficed? What if I break this window? If this plane is to crash, how will we be rescued? Can I try opening the emergency exit (this is where I actually began sweating)?
f) Are we actually going to die in 2012? He then calculated the age of each member in 2012 (that’s how I could tell their ages in the beginning of the post).
g) Have you ever played Xbox?
h), i), j).......z)
Now was the time when Mr. B called up his wife to accompany him but mind it that E made it a point that I was constantly under threat with his never ending random questions.
When I was waiting for my bag at the luggage belt, E arrived again by my side. I actually changed my place for he might just ask, What if this airport is bombed at this moment?
At the Delhi airport, though, I got one of the most pleasant surprises (will not mention what, but yes, it was a big surprise). My aunty had prepared Sarso ka saag and Makke ki roti, which I had not tasted since past two winters. This was just the first day of my happening week. More in the next post...CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. wow ... kya mast present kiya hai is article ko ... mujhe apna first plane travel yaad aa gaya... I insisted mom to click a photo of myself, bhai and our plane at Amritsar airport and the policeman came running at us informing us that photography is not allowed!! That was the first naughtiest thing we did ...

    Then, in our trip to Tirupati, we 8 cusins had the entire plane crew on their knees begging us for peace. I don't know why .. We just played "Teen patti" and "dumb sherads".


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