Wednesday, March 17, 2010

THE Garland...

Just day before yesterday, we were watching the news and Mayawati appeared on the screen with some 4-5 men putting a huge garland on her. Thought, its just another wastage of so many flowers (some different kind of flowers) as had been done on several other occassions by the so-called followers of the most annoying politicians (sorry, but yes they are annoying, and these are my views. Anyone having counter-views can keep with themselves).

But later came to know that it was not a flower garland, it was the garland made out of currency notes of 1000 denomination and supposedly some 50,000 such notes were used to build up that huge garland. Which makes it worth Rs. 5 crore !!!!!!!!!

Imagine, what this 5 crore rupees would have done for the upliftment of any poor section of our society. It could have meant 2 meals per day for atleast a year for so many people. It could have meant 1 room decent house for atleast 1000 families. It could have meant basic education for hundreds of students who cannot afford to go to school. I wonder if her party workers in karnataka have so much of money, why dont they utilize it for something fruitful instead of showing their creativity in making a garland out of it and presenting it to Ms. Mayawati and getting themselves clicked? If the amount is later meant to be donated (which I seriously doubt), then they could have made a cheque or a draft and presented it to her and then let her donate to the respective needy organizations.

When are we going to get out of this cheap publicity and boot-licking by the local politicians and when will they actually start benefitting the needy people? Do they ever actually sit down and think how can they eradicate a social problem instead of thinking how to make their party leaders happy (even if this means, coming in front of their leader for nano-seconds, which their 'gurus" do not even acknowledge ever). Forget these local small time politicians, do these Party leaders ever sit and think for the country people? Opposition is busy in finding ways to oppose the ruling party and ruling party is busy in cancelling whatever projects/policies earlier ruling party had started/framed during their tenure. And then starts the blame game.

If Ms. Mayawati still have some shame (which she never has), she can still donate this money somewhere... 

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