Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Self Appraisal...

Few days back all of us at office got the mail from our HR Head. It again was the time for the Annual APPRAISAL. We are supposed to do our self appraisal first, which will be reviewed by our immediate supervisor, who would give us ratings and other feedback, we then have to approve of it (if not, then have to give provide the reasons for disapproval), this will go to the next level of supervisor and finally the Group Head.

This mail made me think of the answers that I would submit to the questions asked in the Self Appraisal form: roles and responsibilities (if you have a working project you would have work and thus the roles and responsibilities), two major accomplishments (if you would have worked, then only you could have accomplished something), facilitating factors (NONE), limiting factors (long list), feedback etc etc.

I was wondering what all to write. Wanted to write so many things in the most rude manner and put forward my anger for the fact that I have been stuck in a wrong project. For the facilitating factors, I cannot think of anything. Wanted to write NONE, but cannot. Limiting factors were many, but cannot mention it. Feedback for what I require to improve my performance- as if they are going to seriously consider them.

What is the point of filling this self appraisal form or rather, I should fill this form and send it directly to HR and let my manager give his/her feedback about my work separately. If this self appraisal form is just about praising the company, the project and the managers, then it is of no use. But if the suggestions and feedbacks have to be seriously communicated and considered, I dont mind doing the self appraisal.

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