Thursday, March 11, 2010

Once upon a time...A Month Ago...

Here I am: Mrs. Nikita Mathur. As per my last post, I have lost my bachelor status and today the new status- Married, has completed its one month. Although, there was a twist in my wedding ceremonies ("Nikita" and "last minute twists" are inseparable phrases)...
People do fall ill, they are at times admitted to the hospital and they do feel weak at times but I had it all during my wedding. Yes, I caught jaundice, I was hospitalized for roughly 1.5 days and I was extremely weak because of this. The D-day was 11th Feb and I, instead of going to parlour on 7th Feb, landed straight to hospital. Each family member and few close guests as well took turn to feed me regularly with Glucose, fruits, and other recommended food items. Everyone made sure that I do not sit for too long at a stretch.
No one, including myself, to be blamed, but this deprived me of enjoying my own "once-in-a-lifetime" wedding, which I always used to dream as the most lavish and enjoyable event of my life. Wanted to look the best but could manage that only in the Wedding Lehenga and reception saree, else for all other ceremonies, I looked the worst. Had prepared a dance with bhabhi and wished it to be appreciated by all but could barely manage to dance for a minute, which seemed like a year at that time.
Where I should have been working as a new bride- Delhi, I had to lie down on the bed for most of the time, while my in-laws got busier as they took charge of my diet and rest. The expensive and most looked-after honeymoon had to be cancelled. Though, because of all this care by all my family members and friends, I have recovered in less than a month, but this is something I am never going to forget throughout my life and hate myself for troubling all at that time.
On a lighter note, I console myself by saying it was like, Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi... Everyone would remember it for years to come and I just pray to God that our relationship and bonding lasts long and strong... CHEERS !!!!!!
(Wish to relive the experience Minus Jaundice (or any other stupid disease) on our First Wedding Anniversary :) )

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