Friday, August 20, 2010

Share It- 1

OK. Few days back I decided to invite people to write something for my blog. Discussing this with my friend, I had some topics in my mind- most embarrassing and amazing moments of life, what did you do with your first salary etc etc. But then thought that they might not encourage most of you. I mean, I am ready to reveal the most embarrassing moment of my life but most of you may not be. So thought to start on with this concept with a relatively easier topic. First memory about me. What was on your mind when you first saw/met me. So, drafted an invitation mail and sent it to all my close friends and relatives-cum-friends. But unfortunately, very unfortunately, I got ONLY TWO (2) replies. This may be because of reasons, like:
1. They didn't get my mail: but I didn't get any delivery failure message
2. They didn't check their mailbox: but I sent it on 2nd July, 1 Month and 9 days back

3. They had no memory about the first meeting: that hurts. Though one of my friends actually told me that he does not remember when and how we met for the first time. So, thats a valid reason. But none of you had any recollection??? Anyways...
4. They have no time to pen down their replies: I was not expecting a testimonial for me. Just any funny or stupid or awkward (whatever) recollection of the first memory about meeting me, 3-4 liners may be sufficient

Anyways, I thought that I will publish the replies as-it-is on my blog as soon as I get atleast 5 replies. But sadly, I got only two. So, was thinking to keep those two precious replies in my mailbox only but then, they had replied back to me and I should keep up my promise.

So, the first reply came from the most unexpected person. There have been times when I would send her mails and forwards but she would reply back only after a month or may not even reply to any of them. But this time, I got her reply within almost 10-15 minutes of sending that invitation mail. She is Divya Saini, my friend since MBA days. Before pasting her reply here, I must also share what I had on my mind when I first saw her.
She was in my section only (Section F) and in the initial days, all of us had to introduce and re-introduce ourselves to every new lecturer. In one of those lectures, Soft Skills, we were to introduce ourselves with more details apart from regulars: name, where we belong to, educational background etc. and that too while standing in front of the class rather than from our own benches. She came and literally blurted out all her details in one breathe. And then, she paused for sometime, looking lost and I was expecting her to end her introduction but just then, she started again and again paused. Finally after some 2 such pauses, her introduction came to an end. In her intro, she mentioned that she was in South Africa (working) for 2 years before coming back to India and joining ICFAI. Instantly, I thought to keep her name as "Jhinga-la-la" (because still most of us, including me, knows South Africa as the land of tribals), even when I was not formally introduced to her by that time, but I still kept her name. Though, eventually, we turned out to become best friends and she has been honored with lot of other names but Jhinga-la-la will remain her name for the lifetime (for me atleast). That was the first memory about Divya.

She has actually written down her initial feedback about me, rather than the first ever memory about me. But accepted and thanks Divya. Here it goes...
Ummmm… have to go back 4 years. when I saw you for the first time…you were a very simple gal..bit shy but confident bit flexible but with a stand of your own.
I will be true without caring if you like this or not..
In the very beginning we were all in so many things of our own that we did not really notice each other much..but with Mxxxx …(hey forgot her name, really an example of my good memory)
Anyway, you will understand as I will talk abt her..she was your best friend in the beginning of MBA and seriously she was really dominating you..i mean was perceived as..and I used to find both of you "same to same" ;) …( don't kill me for this now)
But this was for a very short time, very soon as I started interacting with you the impression changed… I really discovered you slowly and realised what an amazing person you were
I must say you developed you self so well in all the ways…not only in your profession skill but personal as well and neva to forget, your looks ( looks were amazing earlier as well but see the transition man…uuffff..too good)
Even if there are so many changes in 4 years ..few qualities still same and probably will alz remain….i neva saw a perfect combination, of Love, care, patience and maturity till now…you are just an exception, your's and Maum's qualities match also..that is why you both make a perfect comrade probably…main bhi thodi bohut entry maar leti hoon tumhaare beech mein but you guys really gel so well.
I must say, you deserve the best in life as you are the BEST
Second reply, I will post in next blog... just in next 30 minutes. CHEERS !!!!!!!!

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