Friday, August 20, 2010

Share It- 2

Here is the second reply that I got. This came from Akshay Laddhad. My ex-colleague at 3i Infotech and a very good friend of mine. He is the one with whom I zeroed in for this topic to send you the invitation for. And since the idea has not worked well, Akshay your life is in 50% danger. For the rest 50% of the reason for the failure, I take on the responsibility.
Again, before pasting his reply, I must share my memory about him when I saw him first.
We were in the same induction batch of 3i Infotech but in different groups. So, we may have seen each other but I don't recollect anything. When we were given our project, we were made to wait a bit longer than others and meet Mr. Padhnabhan Iyer (Paddy). We were waiting for him at the reception. That is where I saw him first. He was in my friend's group and so she knew him. Both of them were talking and I was just standing there. Akshay was looking way too curious about what project we have got, some were saying that its a rural project and so we would be placed in villages (of which he seemed very worried about), some made fun that we would even have to change the bulbs, clean the stores etc (which was irritating him) and at the same time, he would also say, "its okay yaar, lets wait till we get our locations" and I thought that why is he so restless. He would go up to talk to all the people and ask what this project was about, what profile they have got, become tense and come back to his base position and try to relax himself.
And then we were made to sit in the conference room since Paddy has arrived in the office. There also, Akshay was sitting on the opposite side of the table and was talking the most. When Paddy came, we interacted. He told us few things about the project and asked few things from us. And then he asked something (don't remember exactly what) but all of us remained silent (it was not a tough question but we were probably making out a diplomatic answer in our minds) and suddenly he spoke out and that actually shocked me, because it was not at all diplomatic. That time I thought that he is really gutsy and stupid. Gutsy because he spoke out whatever was on his mind and stupid because he was talking to Paddy, who was on a real senior position.
Later, both of us met at Chennai and became real good friends over there. But that was the first memory about Akshay.
And here goes Akshay's reply.

When I first noticed u, u were busy talk to Manya in 3i's conference room ...... n my reaction was - "serious types ladki hai" ;-)
baki ka nahi likh sakta warna moti apn dono se so-called dosti thod degi ;-)
Akshay, thats what everyone notices about me in the first meeting and few only realize later that I am very much opposite to my serious image. Thanks for sharing anyways.

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  1. Next question can be on "How we spend our 1st salary?".... this time u will surely get more than 2 response...give it a try :D


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