Monday, August 23, 2010

What is this?

When I travel in my office cab, everyday I witness something or the other weird thing, which makes me wonder- what is this?

1. Namma Bengaluru Traffic Police
Just imagine, a crossing, with 4 lanes in 4 directions. You are standing in one of the lanes. The lane just opposite to you also has vehicles. Suddenly, the traffic policeman signals you to move on. You have to take a right turn. Seems simple. But no. Only when you start taking the right turn you realize that the intelligent policeman has also signalled the vehicles standing in the opposite lane to move on. Some of those vehicles also want to take right turn. BOTTLENECK. Each of us want to take right turn, some wants to go straight, but we have blocked our ways.

2. Cab Drivers (including my own driver)
Cab drivers have amazing ego. If the innocent normal person driving in front of them does not give them side as soon as they honk their deafening horn, they gets into revengeful mode. They will keep blaring their horn and scare the hell out of that innocent fellow. Thats not all. They would bring their cab by his car's side and stare him and show him their fists. Mr. Driver, that fellow has also paid Road Tax, he is scared of his death, he has a family to look for and he has all rights to drive safely, than drive rash. 

I always used to think, why do all the cabs are in bad shape. Now I know. Recently my cab driver was given an almost new cab to drive. That was some 30 days back. Now, this new cab looks as old as 10 years old. Why? My driver would accelerate from 0 to 80 kmps speed in just 1 minute and won't slow down even if they know that there is a speed breaker some 6 feets away. They would put brakes only when they are barely 30 cms away from it. Then again speed up and so on.

3. What are Helmets for?
As per my knowledge, helmets are meant to safeguard your head, in case you meet an accident. Initially it was meant for only the drivers and not the pillion riders. But few years back, Delhi police made it mandatory for both the riders of 2 wheelers to wear helmets. It's for your own safety. But sometimes I see the pillion rider only wearing the helmet or none of them wearing it but holding the helmet in their hands and putting it on as and when they spot a policeman. Why are people so ignorant about their loss and life but concerned about the challan that they may have to pay? Which one is more important to save- Life or Challan?

4. 2-Wheeler drivers talking on mobiles while driving
Believe me, even when I am at home and doing something in kitchen, when I cannot hold mobile with my hands, I prefer missing the call and talk only when my hands are free, else I won't be able to concentrate on either- the call and the work that I am doing. But, I am amazed to see 2-wheeler drivers talking on their mobiles by fixing them up in their helmets (that's the only use of helmets for them, I guess). They will fix it up between their ear and the helmet, tilt their head and talk while driving. If you are much more busier than Mr. SRK or Manmohan Singh that you cannot stop and talk, then I understand you but you obviously are not that big shot (else, you won't be driving a 2-wheeler). So, why not stop on the road side for a moment, finish the call or tell that you will call back and drive safely and let others also be safe on the road?

There are lot of things like these which irritates me, specially when I see them in the morning. That's one of the busiest time on road and I see people ignoring the importance of safe driving and their lives.

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