Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We are the Nuts n Bolts!!!

After spending almost three years in this company, finally I am witnessing some efforts by our HR team to make the employees happy or I may have been at wrong locations earlier where there were no such activity.
As the year end is approaching with just one week left, we have different dress codes for each day. Yesterday it was Tie and Pearl day, which majority of us were not aware of because of the late announcement. All 450 employees are divided into 5 teams and there would be team events every Wednesday. Teams would get points based on the performance and at the end of Jan/Feb, the winners would be announced. That's something to look forward to.
Our team met yesterday and gave introduction. Though it was sad that out of 89 members, hardly 25 people turned up. Rest were either busy, or absent or not interested. Everyone of us suggested one name for the team and we finally zeroed on at Nuts 'n' Bolts and it gives me immense pleasure to inform you that this name was suggested by me J Nut and Bolts make a fine machinery… That's the logic behind the name.
Anyways, today 's dress code was Mix n Match and again, most of the people have decided to ignore this and wear traditional office clothes. I thought that once I reach office I will put on the additional things which I have brought with me (I can't wear them and travel in bus, entire Bangalore is not aware of our dress code for the week) but I couldn't find apart from 2 souls in the office following this code. So, the things would be put on at the time of photo session J
I don't know how things would turn out but I am as excited as a college student to see all the teams gearing up to promote their team names and marching in the office with their teams and I can see the commencement of the war between the teams… Lets go…!!!


  1. Interesting yaar...Seems your HR team has read the inspirational book 'FISH !'...Have you read it..it's intersting.
    But it is sad that no one else other than a select few are game enough for this excitement. Grown ups act so much like grown ups..na.Anyways happy to know that the child in you is still alive ...Kudos.
    Nice name for the team also

  2. I haven't read that book...
    hey, 2day it was tambola/housie.. n i won early 5 prize :) and our team also won another prize :)
    but the turnout of our team still remains very thin.. thats sad...i ll share de posters that i made...


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