Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday I grabbed the newspaper to find a horrible incident on the front page. A dutiful government official was burnt alive by fuel mafia gang in broad day light in Maharashtra. Later the news channels had started showing the visuals of his 100% burnt body. All he was doing was stop the illegal infiltration of fuel. Some altercations took place between the alleged gang leader and the official and the members of the gang just poured the kerosene and set him on fire. Even thinking of what that person might have gone through when he was torched, send shivers down my spine.
There are numerous cases which have come to light when people had just lost their mind in an instant and in that moment had done some or the other ghastly crime. Very recently I watched the movie No One Killed Jessica, based on the incident which can be the biggest example of what I am talking about. A bartender refuses to give a drink to a politician's son and he feels offended and shoots the girl.
If I can't have what I want or if I am stopped from what I am doing, I will kill the obstructive person. Simple.
Many a times I feel highly irritated over the stupid drivers while we are driving down in our car and I wish to stop them and teach them how to drive. At the most, I want to slap them tight to give them a lesson but I am afraid of doing so. Who knows if the other person might be carrying a gun and shoot us? Or track us down and do unimaginable things? There are several cases of road rash killings. And it's not just that the crime is committed by politically or financially strong people these days but even by common man. The ultimate solution is to kill the other person, without thinking of the repercussion or about any of the two families- the victim's as well as convict's families.
This reminds me of a case that I read in the newspaper few months back. An auto driver was fighting with his girl friend over the phone and blocking the way of one of the motor cyclists. That man was honking the horn because he had an international flight to catch in few hours and was getting late to reach his home to pick up his luggage. The irritated auto driver got out and beaten up the man so badly that he succumbed to the injuries within few hours and died.
All of us, apart from only few, have become so egoistic and sick at mind that even a smallest attack or question on our ego hurts us to the core and we pledge to torture the attacker to the highest possible level. We have made this place risky to live for everyone. It's like: mind your own business and don't preach me ever else you will pay for it, brutally…
As a reaction to the incident of Maharashtra, all I can feel is scared, unsafe, angry, sad and helpless towards this major shift of our tempers…

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