Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here I am… After a long long time… Had been madly busy with office work and less time for rest at home... Oh well, when I say "office work", it includes serious/official work as well as Fun work. I mean, hope you people remember Nuts 'n' Bolts. It was the Singing Competition this time which kept me busy or should I say that I made myself busy with it.
Singing is something which I enjoy as an audience but am pathetic at it. I sing only when I am alone at home. Ironically, I cannot live without listening to Bollywood songs. So, I thought, let me be the facilitator to make my team meet, decide on the songs and finally rehearse. I and my friend, both worst singers of the world, took time from our official work to repeatedly send mails for the team meeting but I must say I was deeply disappointed by the response of my team members. Apart from 4-5 regular souls, no one turned up ever. Others were pulled to atleast attend the meeting and help decide the songs but they never turned up again. At one point of time I had decided to ask my team captain to formally withdraw our team's name from the competition. Better than making a fool of ourselves in front of other teams. But then came Income Tax to our rescue. I know, Income Tax can never be used in positive terms but because of Final Investment declaration verification scheduled exactly on the original date of our competition, the competition was postponed to a later date.
Finally, some more members joined the team meetings and sat to decide on the songs. Decided something; was changed the next day; no one turned up for rehearsals the other day and finally 5 of us scrapped everything and finalized on some other song and rehearsed. On the day of the competition, though very less but respectable number of team members came for rehearsals and there we go…
The competition started and I must say that one of the singers (who happens to be my boss as well) and another guitarist, both of the rival teams, sang and played amazingly. I know, they belonged to my rival teams but what's good must be appreciated.  Hey, but don't think that we were bad. Though the performances didn't go as good as I had visualized and wanted them to be, had we rehearsed properly, but we were good.
And here I announce that our team shared the 2nd position with one more team. Yes, we came 2ndAPPLAUSE!!!
But I am still not happy with the unity of my team. I know everyone is busy with lot of work, so are others in the office. But everyone can take out atleast half an hour each day which is otherwise dedicated to tea/coffee breaks… Grab your cup of tea and attend the meeting, simple… Next competition is of Mad Acts and I have no clue of what the hell it is. I hope WE come together and practice on time to get the 1st position… Amen!!!

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