Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am a Multi Millionaire...

I am not saying because of any alcoholic hangover of last weekend. I am actually a Multi Millionaire. If anyone of you need some thousands or lakhs of rupees, just drop a mail to me. Such petty amounts may not affect my bank balance.

Okay, close your mouth and bring your eyes back to their normal sizes. Here I am referring to those so-called lotteries, awards and rewards from anonymous companies and contests, which keeps on sending mails claiming that I have been awarded some $1,000,000 or GBP (Great British Pound) or Yuan or what not. And to claim my prize money, I must send a mail to some bogus mail ID stating my bank account details. So, if I add up all the prize money that I have been awarded till now, I can make Bill Clinton shy away from me and hide himself in some corner of the world. I cannot help grinning on learning the fact that I am always tagged “the luckiest winner” to win this prize money over some 2500 companies' mail ID worldwide or over all the e-mail Ids of the world. I mean, its a great achievement. Can I write this achievement in my resume? Or I can even highlight myself as the luckiest person on earth to have won so many lotteries without any effort. Which company will not hire me? I may prove lucky for them as well.

But as soon as I start dreaming about these amazing prospects, some or the other friend of mine disrupts me. My friend would have also won such a lottery. Oh My God!!! Even my friend is also termed as the “luckiest” person on this earth??!!! Thats not fair. Only one of us can be the luckiest. The reality is that there might have been over million of such “luckiest” persons who have got such mails. They, obviously, have no intention to make people like us rich. If they have that intention, they'd better donate this money to someone in dire need of it. Don't know how exactly are they going to commit the crime, but it is a fraud. I will send my bank account details and further they would hack my account or do something like that or use it in some or the other fraudulent way. I don't understand why they keep sending such mails when they know that no one is going to reply back. Actually, some of the new joinees in the Internet circuit may reply back to them and they fall in such traps.

But just an advice. Never mail your bank account details or any kind of password to anyone, even if they claim to be your bank's personnel. You never know to whom you are actually sending the mail. A bank will never ask your account or login details. If any mail from your bank asks it, better call the customer care and inform them.

Ya, my bank gave me this extra gyan, which I thought to share here. But dreaming about being a multi-millionaire is just amazing. What all I can do with just a million rupees...!!! Anyways, back to reality and back to work... Be Safe... CHEERS !!!

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