Friday, July 2, 2010

I am on Diet

Well, thats not what I am on. I cannot do dieting. Ironically, I am the one who has fallen sick so many times and so had been on boiled food kind of diet. But it has never been my initiative.

I wonder why people undergo dieting and what exactly it is. Is it to make your body slim trim and fit quickly and then go back to normal diet or to make your body healthier and stick to the same diet forever? Though, mostly I have seen people taking the first option. Will avoid all fried and oily food, no junk food, no beverages, boiled stuff, lots of salad, exercises etc etc. But as soon as the weight and waist size comes in their preferred limits, boiled stuff is labeled as "Food for Sick People ONLY", coke bottles are back in fridge, exercises can be skipped for a week.

Few days back I was thinking that in such early age, my generation is facing shoulder pain, heart strokes, diseases which we have never heard about, early death, such limited appetite and all. But our parents have started getting them now only (touch wood). What will happen to us when we reach their age? Or will we even survive healthily till that age? I walk up the stairs to 4th floor and I get tired and heavy breath and crash land on my bean bag. But my father used to cycle many miles when my grand father was constructing his home at Jaipur. What should we concentrate on? Biceps, triceps and 6-pack abs or healthy muscles and strong stomach? Who is to blame for this? I guess, so many things happened all at the same time resulting in this situation.

Population grew drastically but not the production and thus started the practice of artificial ways to increase the production by means of adulteration. Now when we say, Pure Ghee, it actually is not pure. Even if we make it at home, it is ultimately coming from the packed milk, which may not be pure.

As I say, packed milk, thats another reason. People started migrating from their home to other places for earning more money and thus came the need to make packed food available for such people. These days you go to any super market and everything is available in ready made form. Ready-to-eat chapathis, all sorts of vegetables, tomato puree, ginger garlic paste, frozen peas. Then why would I make an extra effort of peeling of garlic or wash and cut tomatoes and make a puree out of it?

More than that, other lucrative snacks, claiming themselves healthy food have made us addictive. Maggi, wafers, chips, cokes, packed juices, nuggets, etc. If we don't have any one of them in our home, it feels as if something is missing.

Fast food is the solution for lack of time to prepare food at home. How-so-ever costly they are, but I would want them once a week. Even though I know that they are costly and not healthy and that I am not doing any physical activity to burn out the calories that I put on with the junk and packed food, but I can't resist. Get up exactly on time and drive to office, sit in front of the most amazing innovation of our life, computers, have lunch, have coffee and tea at desk, move a bit here and there, drive back home, eat, watch idiot box and sleep. Though, few of us are trying to make exceptions and burn calories in gym but thats artificial health. Iota of us cycle to work. I play at max 4-5 games of TT in a day, go home and munch on my favorite wafers. Its not about eating oil free food but healthy and unadulterated food. Even the green vegetables are full of pesticides.

I want to live a long and healthy life, without a joint pain till I turn 50. Is it possible?? I am seriously worried about us now...


  1. people diet out of helplessness... But what you said is true that when their goal is achieved, the wafers & the coke are back.. Its all because of our taste buds.. A pizza is yummier than regular dal-chawal... Its all the play of cravings.. I'll give you my example- The doc has told me that caffeine is gonna deteriorate my health & I always decide never to have coke or coffee again but I give in to my craving...

    The concept of fast food & for that matter canned food came because people are too busy with their jobs... Everyone knows fast food is bad & also that canned foods have harmful preservatives, but we always give in to the fact that our job is of extreme importance...

    Another reason would be the laziness factor.. The leisures in life is the main factor for laziness... My friends (or I should say me), use bikes to even go to the neighborhood whereas my mom would walk so many miles to reach her college...

    Bad health is the result of the few causes that you mentioned & majority due to pollution.. every second we breath in poison, so blaming food adulteration & laziness would be a bit unfair..

    Hey, I blog-rolled you.. Hope you wouldn't mind & the post was well written...

  2. No issues Pranali.. Other point of views r always welcome on my blog.. Well, pollution and population and adulteration and change in lifestyle etc etc.... all a part of vicious circle.. i just took adulteration and laziness as my prime concern in this post... I am worried abt other issues as well..


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