Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Hate Luv Storys

When the name itself is wrong, how can the movie be right? Luv? Storys? I guess the spellings are Love and Stories respectively. I was eagerly looking forward to this movie mainly because of two of its songs: the title track and "Jab Mila Tu". "Bin Tere" song is also nice. Starring Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor and don't like any of them, though I am surprised why girls are crazy about Imran and Sonam is tagged as most stylish and beautiful actress of Bollywood. Imran Khan is an expressionless actor, yet to show his forte. I mean, in emotional scenes, it seems that he is giggling, only to be realized that actually he was sobbing. Yet to see his romantic side and he is camera conscious. My personal recommendation for him as far as his looks are concerned: Please change your hair style (though there is not much scope left there, but if Sunny Deol can get his hair straight and Salman Khan got new hair altogether, anything is possible in Bollywood), please do something about your eye brows (they are so thick, looks like those of Kroor Singh of Chandrakanta) and please don't show of your body till you get atleast 4 packs and some more flesh (your mamu looks way better and charming than you). You looked starving in that song (Sajda). I thought, only Arjun Rampal is expressionless, but you are giving tough competition to him.

Sonam Kapoor. Not much to say about her. She is okay in the movie, though, obviously will take her few more movies to be called a sensational actress, she has some potential, I guess. Thanks to media, she is made famous for her "style icon" image. But yes, she was much much better than Imran.

The movie was a satire on Karan Johar's movie and the character Veer, the director in the movie, is totally based on KJ. I believe, KJ was aware of the fact that he is being made fun of in this movie (he is the producer of this film) and so KJ agrees that he makes same type of movies and labelling them "Different" but has got magic to keep the audience hooked to his movies. Veer is making a film in this movie and while making it what all happens with Imran and Sonam, how they realized that they love each other and imagined themselves in place of the main leads of that film. Imran, again I am stuck with him, could not carry his Casanova image. Please take few tips from Salman Khan (he has played Casanova in dozen movies). But I must compliment him for pulling off the title song nicely. Though, he still was conscious but atleast he danced well. Only if the film that was being made in the movie could have properly used the other romantic movies, it could have turned well. Why was Puja Ghai (the main lead in Veer's movie) shown as Anushka Sharma of Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai and then Rani Mukherjee of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and then Aishwarya Rai of Mohabatein?? What kind of character was that? Only to pick up famous shots of all the love stories was not justified. Anyways. The movie was enjoyable in the first half and in the second half also, except when Sonam confessed of being in love with Imran and till Imran also realized that he is also falling for Sonam, this part was boring. Scene of Dil Chahta Hai was stolen and used here: When Imran calls his mom after many years (his mom used to call him) and she sensed that he was not being normal (though, he was anyways speaking flatly, I wonder how his mom sensed that her son was crying) and Imran breaks down. In this scene in DCH, Imran's mamu made me cry and here, I was laughing when Imran's eyes were not showing any sign of tears and he looked stupid when he was so-called crying. When Imran's friends make plan and is shown executing it. Stolen from Kal Ho Na Ho. The most irritating thing being: "idhar udhar ki baatein, waherah wagerah"

All in all. This movie was okay types and could have been watched on DVD, instead of going to theater.

(PS: All the Imran Khan fans, forgive me for reviewing Imran more than the movie but could not stop myself)

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