Thursday, November 12, 2009


My life was so simple without Internet. Then decided to make an account or create a mail ID. Started with Yahoo, then Hotmail, then Rediffmail, then Indiatimes, then Gmail (mind it, created two each on Yahoo and Rediff). Got addicted to chatting on yahoo messenger. Somehow got rid of this but was caught by gtalk. Then my friend forced me to join Orkut. The addiction began rising. Without checking the "scraps" in every 2 hours, I started finding it difficult to concentrate on anything and I am not exxagerating it. Realized that Orkut has its own security threats. The photographs can be accessed by any and everyone and anyone can send a scrap, how-so-ever obscene they might be. But then, security measures were tightened up. Next addiction was that of online games and free downloadable games. Used to be hooked on to them for hours and hours.
After Orkut, I started receiving Friend Request from God knows how many such "social networking" sites. Ignored all. But then joined one "professional networking" site- LinkedIn.
On fine day, I realized that people are no more interested in Orkut but in Facebook (of FB). Tried to ignore it for long but then bhabhi and her brother told me that it is far better than Orkut and has got so many small small games and other options, apart from the already existing ones from Orkut.
And there begins next level of addiction. So many small games, posting of your thoughts, putting on comments to your friends' status message, getting instant notifications of any development on your friends' wall, movie trivia and challenging your friends, UNO... But still, I was ignoring one feature of FB- FARMVILLE. Thought to try it once, but found it so boring. But then, every other person had started talking about it, so thought, try it again... And there I finally own a farm of my own. I plough the land, I grow fruits, vegetables and trees; I own my cattle; I harvest them and make sure that I harvest them on time. I receive points, money, gifts. I even send them to my friends. Its like a small community now. Although, not yet completely addicted but its surely taking control over me.
Internet has made our world and space so small- to the size of our laptops. I own a land and the cattle fleet. Amazing...!!!!!!

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