Monday, November 16, 2009

One more Monday Survived...!!!

During my MBA days, in one of the most esteemed Corporate VS B-school Quiz competition organized by our college every year, Quiz Master Derek O' Brian asked a question:
"On which Day of the week are the maximum number of deaths due to Heart-attacks registered around the world?". Without even joining the corporate world, I knew the answer: MONDAY. And yes, it indeed was the right answer and now that I am in this corporate world, I know the reason.
Check out the link mentioned.
Every Monday I just wish whole heartedly to God that State Government should declare a holiday (for whatever reason he wishes) or let my boss call me and tell to stay at and work from home since he is not coming to office and there is not much work for which to come to office or our office declare new timings (instead of 7:45 am, may be to 9 am) or whatever. But please let me sleep for long on Monday. Holiday is always welcome :)

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