Monday, November 2, 2009


In the last post, I wished all of you a very happy diwali. Hope, all of you had a great time on Diwali. I had a blast and I mean a literal BLAST in my life. Never thought that life can take twists and turns at such fast pace. Went home with the status of "Single" and came back (all within 4 days) as "Committed". The biggest problem with such a twist in life, specially with me, was that many of my friends were not believing me when I told them, thanks to my prankster image.
It was 18th October. I, with my family, went to His home at Delhi and I swear I was not able to eat anything many days before this day. Although I was assuring myself and was being assured by my family and closest friends that there is nothing wrong in meeting the family and take the step forward in life, but something was bothering me. I was not able to understand what was this "something".
Is this boy right for me and my family, the families are very different, His family is very open, will I be able to adjust there, will He like me, our compatibility, most importantly, am I ready to take up such a huge responsibility now... phew !!! These questions formed just the iota of hundreds of questions in my mind.
All of us got up very early in the morning after sleeping late, for Diwali puja, and headed for Delhi. I was trying to relax myself by taking the trip as a family picnic but the moment, we entered into Gurgaon, I confessed to bhabhi that I can't take it anymore. I am nervous. Got ready at my aunty's place. When we were about to reach the place, my mother announced, wake up now and look active, we are about to reach. We entered their apartment and I could see around 6-7 people staring towards our car. I tried to give my best smile ever, but I am sure, I failed badly. All of them were so warm and greeted us well. The moment I entered into the flat, I was literally shocked and shaky, coz, there were roughly around 20 people, all staring at me at the same time. Talked to almost everyone and I was amused at the very thought that this is the first time in my life that so many people wants to talk to me. But I was not able to gather the courage to look up and see around. We talked. They talked. Everyone was talking.
After sometime, to spare me from the tension, His bhabhi took me into another room where the Young brigade of the family was sitting. All of them introduced themselves to me. It was relaxing then. Then came my mother and asked me..."Shall we go ahead". I felt like crying at that time. I always wanted an arranged marriage but now that it was about to take place, the only question in my mind was, "how can I say yes to go ahead with a person whom I barely know". But then we decided to go ahead and then everyone was chearful and I was lost. Small ceremony, Roka, took place. Tilak, sweets, congratulations, gifts and ashirwaads and photographs. Time for lunch, which I anyway was not able to take in and how everyone was taking care of me and my plate.
Got to know so many things about the family in such short span of time. My mom-in-law is known for her jokes and her being "sweet 16" still, lovely nana and naniji, his uncles and aunties and the cousins. The two words which can send shivers down the spine of any girl - "saas" and "jethani" but was so relieved to know how cool they are.
Its a mixed feeling now. I know how boring that line seems, but its true. Nervous, excited, confused, sad (to leave my coocooned life at home), happy, anxious... I just thank God to give me two lovely families in my life and pray that everything goes off well and I could come upto the expectations...

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