Friday, April 9, 2010

15 seconds of Fame...

28th January 2010
Indian Tennis star (Sania Mirza) has called off her engagement with Sohrab Mirza, supposedly a close family friend, stating lack of compatibility as the reason.

29th March 2010
Sania Mirza to marry ex-Pakistani Cricket Captain Shoaib Malik on 15th April 2010.

Though none of the news make any difference to my life but the events which took place after 30th March annoyed me a bit. The media came into its Sherlock Holmes mode to investigate till the root why Sania mirza actually called off her engagement, was that to immediately marry Shoaib Malik, was her family earlier not ready for Shoaib, why have they agreed now, that Sania was adament on her decision to marry Shoaib only.... phew...

The Times of India quick summary of the events:
March 29
Sania Mirza’s family confirm that she is all set to marry Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in April

March 30
Sania officially announces marriage, says will keep playing for India

March 31
Ayesha’s father Mohammed Ahmed Siddiqui threatens legal action against Malik

April 1
‘Sania will only be Malik’s second wife,’ says Ayesha’s father

April 2
Siddiqui family releases Shoaib’s ‘marriage’ certificate

April 3
I was cheated, never met Ayesha, Shoaib tells TOI April 4. Ayesha’s father files FIR, Shoaib charged  with cruelty, cheating. Ayesha says she had an “intimate relationship” with Shoaib & suffered a miscarriage

April 5
Cops grill Malik for 90 minutes at Sania’s residence, seize his passport and mobile phone. On same day, Shoaib, Sania address media together; Shoaib vows to clear name

April 6
Ayesha hands over wedding night clothes, said to contain Shoaib’s semen stains, to cops. Clothes sent to forensic lab

April 7
Malik accepts first wife Ayesha, divorces her; decks cleared for marriage with Sania
Ayesha: The lady who claimed that Shoaib is already married to her and that she had a miscarriage with Shoaib's child.
On 31st March, btw, another news caught my eyes (thankfully, it was not blown up much by the media) :
Some Pakistani official commented that Sania should play for Pakistan post wedding...
Sania and Shoaib would settle down in Dubai after marriage...
On April 5th, Shoaib was questioned by the Hyderabad police for over 90 minutes and his passport and mobile were seized. That day Sania-Shoaib addressed media and Shoaib emphasized that "he had never seen Ayesha"...."I call her maha-aapa (elder sister)"... Just a small confusion Mr. Malik. Did I hear/understood it wrong or you actually said that you have never met her and if that is the case, whom are you referring to as Maha Aapa? (someone please clear my doubt about what he said).
On April 6th also, he stood firmly on what he said a day before that he is not married to Ayesha and there is no point of divorce since they were never married.
On April 6th only, the media threw up another mind-blowing question to public: Are Shoaib and Sania already married?? The facts supporting their question were- why is Shoaib staying at Sania's home before marriage (arre, because Sania's family has no issue then why should we have?) and the venue has been booked only for the reception and wedding is not mentioned.
And on April 7th, all of a sudden, Shoaib formally divorced Ayesha. Which means that Shoaib, in a way, accepts that he was married to Ayesha. Then what was all this fuss about earlier? Was that just for the Media attention? If you wanted to marry Sania and your relation with Ayesha was anyways not working out, why didn't you follow legal path at the first place itself of divorcing Ayesha and then annoucing your wedding with Sania? When Sania was standing firmly by Shoaib's side saying that I completely believe in him and that he is not married to any Ayesha, why didn't Sania reacted badly when Shoaib accepted that he was married to Ayesha or was Sania already aware of this fact and was just trying to shield him to escape hassles of divorce (alimony and the negative publicity of him being secretly married to a lady and that she had a miscarriage with his baby etc)? Did Shoaib accept his first marriage since he understood that he could get severe punishment if found guilty, which he actually was?
Why do people crave for 15 seconds of fame and annoy others?


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