Thursday, April 8, 2010

A place called Wayanad...

After a long time we had a long weekend for which we (I, Nimit and mummy-papa) had been planning for long. Finally zeroed on to Wayanad, Kerala. It was not the right time to visit Wayanad (280 Kms from Bangalore), because it is beautiful during rainy season, but who cares.. Such long weekend is not going to come in rainy season.
Started from Bangalore by 6:45 a.m. and our first stop was at Kamat Hotel- very famous highway hotel and it was a mad rush there. We decided to take the buffet for breakfast of typical South Indian dishes- Idly (not the traditional round idlis but conical, wrapped in a leaf), dosa, sambhar etc. Crossed Ramanagaram, where Sholay was shot (as I had mentioned in my earlier post). Crossed Muthunga Wildlife sanctuary, where our eyes were desperately scanning deep forest hoping to spot any wild animal (TIGER specially). But all we saw were the monkeys, showcasing their acrobatic skills.

The moment we entered into the Kerala border, everything seemed green, as if the soil also knows the physical boundary between the two states- Karnataka and Kerala. Within Karnataka, some of the trees were green, rest were all dried up but in Kerala, all the trees were green. Since Wayanad is a hill station, the moment we entered into the Wayanad district, the roads were zig-zag and slopping up and down. Finally reached our resort- Wyndvalley Garden Resort at Kalpetta, by 2:30 p.m.

The resort was much smaller than my expectation but the rooms were clean and cosy. All the shops were closed due to Good Friday and major portion of the Kerala population are Christians. Decided to freshen up and head for the Pookote Lake (14 Kms from Kalpetta), after having lunch at the resort itself. This is when we realized that there is a major language barrier over there. We ordered something else, got something else. Tried to rectify it, only to increase the confusion. Somehow had lunch and reached lake, where the boating time was about to get over. So, clicked few pics and decided to take a walk on the path along the perimeter of the lake. Then went to Valley view point (2 kms from the lake), which was nothing but the view of the entire valley, but you have nothing else to do there, apart from clicking the pics and having ice-cream. Then went to the most happening tourist spot- The Chain Tree (1.5 kms from the lake). It was a tree by the roadside, with a very small, rather tiny, temple and a chain on the tree. 1 priest was doing some puja at some distance. There was a sign board saying: Do not touch the Chain. All of us, alongwith few other tourists were wondering for about 10 mins as to what is so special about this road side place. Even didn't find it interesting or worth enough to click its pics. Called off for the day, since nothing else can be seen. Decided not to repeat the lunch incident and had a dinner in a restaurant across the road, Woodlands.

After having breakfast at the resort, which was thankfully good enough, we headed for a dam, which our driver suggested, only to realize that its deserted (no tourist visits it) and not enough water is there. Then went to Edakkal caves (28 kms from Kalpetta). The way to Edakkal caves is very narrow and it is on height. Thanks to our adept driver, we reached there safely. But again had to walk for another kilometer to reach the spot from where the Jeep service would start. Waited for our number to board the jeep to reach the place from where the actual entry to the caves was still 900 meters ahead, and have to climb up the rocky and uneven terrain. Nimit helped mummy climb those difficult steps. On reaching at the entry gate, we realized that its over crowded and that mummy-papa won't be able to go inside, because they are much more difficult to climb up to. So, both of us took the tickets and started towards the caves, only to realize that its one-way and we would be stopped randomly to give way to the crowd climbing down the caves. I was enjoying this "rock-climbing" experience but it was way too annoying to keep on waiting and giving way, since no government official was there to control the traffic. So, decided to come back half way.
Next stop was the Suchchipara Waterfall (roughly 30-40 kms from caves and 20 kms from Kalpetta) (after having lunch at a local dhabba). By the time, we reached there, dark clouds had started hovering up. But again, it was a walk of almost 1 km and then further rocky uneven steps to take you down to the waterfall. So, again, mummy papa decided to sit before the steps while I and Nimit went down to the Waterfall. But after reaching there, it was extremely relaxing to see the fall and it started raining for a while, making the weather cool. Spent some time there and climbed up (somehow). After this tiring and sweaty day, had a nice bath and chinese dinner at the resort and slept early.

Woke up and started packing, since it was our last day. Had breakfast and checked out of the resort and headed towards the Bannasura Sagar Dam (12 Kms-20 mins from Kalpetta), supposedly Asia's 2nd Largest Earthen Dam. It was a hot day again and we found very less number of people there. Again was a walk of some 500 mtrs and 310 steps to climb. By the half way, we came to know that there is this Jeep service again to transport you directly to the top. Boarded a motor boat for a 15 mins ride but can't call it amazingly exciting. The area is under construction to be made a tourist spot. Finally we started on our way back to Bangalore and reached our home by 8 p.m.

As I said, the right time to visit Wayanad is rainy season, we thought to visit again during that time. But its just a thought. Let us see if we can materialize this. But Kerala is green anytime.


  1. Forgot to mention. v bought a Wayanad Guide n frm thr came 2 knw the "secret" behind the famous Chain Tree. Here it is:

    As the tale goes, an Adivasi youth named Karinthandan was instrumental in guiding a British Engineer through the difficult mountain terrain into Wayanad. Eager to take credit for the discovery, the engineer conveniently killed his guide, whose soul according to the legend constantly haunted subsequent travellers. It is further believed that a priest chained the troublesome spirit onto this tree.

  2. Thank you very much for having few words about our resort, wyndvalley, kindly refer us to your friends.

  3. facinating blog, does not like to close ur blog congradulations.

  4. Thanks Asharaf... Our stay at your resort was very comfortable...


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