Friday, April 30, 2010

The First MURDER of my life...

I was getting bored at my office, as usual, and my friend offered me a lift to my home, leaving office a bit earlier than normal. I knew something wrong is going to happen with me today. As I picked up my bag to leave the office, was encountered by my senior manager just outside the lift and the guilt feeling cropped up instantly. That was a bad sign. Still carried on and reached home. The moment I entered into my flat, again I felt something fishy. Checked all the doors, windows, switches, gysers etc. Everything seemed well in place. Kitchen was also fine. But I guess, someone was watching me.

Ignored all my stupid thoughts and changed my cloths and crashed into my bed. After sometime, decided to get out of the bed and do something constructive. But was not much interested in going into the kitchen. Something was very disturbing about it. Switched on my TV and tuned onto my favourite music channel. Somehow my mind diverted from this "something-is-wrong" thing and I decided to put on the music on high volume and get into the kitchen.

I cleaned one part of it and quite reluctantly went on to clean the other side. At that very horrifying moment my stupid thoughts turned into reality. Someone was actually watching me and was waiting for me to kill me !!!!!!!
She jumped onto me and I could just manage to maintain my balance to avoid falling onto the floor. I jumped back and she fell on the floor. Regained my conciousness and looked straight into her eyes. She was such a pathetic black thing. Yuck !! and was lying still there. Thats when I decided to take on my Self-defense measure and KILL her.
I ran to bring my weapon from the balcony and attacked her brutally. Now it was her turn to run for her life but BANG... I stabbed her repeatedly and finally she lay there- DEAD. PHEW !!!

That was the first murder of my life. As if I am determined and destined to commit 50 murders in my life. Before you jump on to any weird idea of the murder of a human being, let me clarify, I murdered a LIZARD. Humanity wise sad/wrong/barbarous/horrible/ etcetera etcetera, (etc. etc.: many of us don't know the full form of etc.) I know. But that was Self Defense. When you are in a very good mood and cleaning your area/ sleeping/ singing/ or doing anything on this earth and an ugly looking lizard jumps on to you with the intention to kill you, won't you fight it back???

When you are too sleepy to even put off the light whose switch is some 5 steps away and you spot a lizard on the ceiling just on top of you, won't you jump off to save your life??? Yes, you would. Basically, was not my first murder. My earlier victims had been mosquitoes, bugs, spiders etc etc. But Lizard is something I hate, especially when I spot her on the above mentioned occassions. Else, am not much bothered.

And for this daring act, I got a big chocolate from my dear hubby (who is much more afraid of such creatures). Ek Kitkat to banta hai na !!! Sorry God for this murder....

BTW: when I entered home, I found it different, coz, Nimit's one of the cousins had been to our home a night before and he left for his work after both of us had left. So, the doors, windows and curtains were in a bit different position than normal :)


  1. Too bad Nikki...!! Ek masoom chipkali ki jaan lekar acha ni kiya tumne. Self defence toh aise bol ri ho jaise that lizard would have killed you. And God ! you were awarded for this act. Hey bhagwan !! akhen kholo aur dekho kesa ghor kalyug aa gaya hai.

  2. ya ya...when it wud hav jumped on u na, u wud hav also done de same. moreover, u dont hav de obligation 2 go 2 kitchen 2 cook food everyday wid these "masoom" creatures around, I hav... So, had 2 kill it..No guilt feeling at all...


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