Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its all about Money Honey...

Someone had raised a question on one of the social networking sites a few days ago: Why does Cricket has special and skewed fan following in India, even when it is not our National Sport? I guess the answer lies in the huge money involved in the sport. Its one sport in which everyone gains some monetory benefits. In other sports, like hockey, players keep on wondering if they have to play on their own expense, while the association gulps in all the money (whatever comes in).
In cricket, even if your team loses the match, you will get a handsome amount as match fees. And the new nationwide fever- IPL (20-20) has completely redefined the meaning of Teams. Richie Riches of the world "buy" players for huge amounts and make their own team. So, now Tendulkar has got the opportunity to play against his long time team-mate Kumble, coz he has been bought by Mumbai team and Kumble by Bangalore team.

And when something like this becomes this big, it is hard to believe it that no controversy would be involved. Earlier it was about the scantily clad cheargirls, then boycotting the Pakistani players, then Shahrukh's statement and now the biggest scandal of the IPL-- Modi Vs Tharoor-- has cropped up. And as customary, once someone's name is dragged into any controversy, we don't leave without tracing his every single act that he has done from his childhood.
Lalit Kumar Modi- The Chief of IPL. Only now it is made public that he has so many criminal cases against him, that his son-in-law has stake and interest in IPL teams and that Modi gave few contracts of IPL to his family members just like that. No one asked this when he was made the chief (may be because he was opening the door for the biggest money making market)
Shashi Tharoor- (Now Ex) Minister of state for external affairs- Kerala . Only now we have become so interested in his two marriages and current girlfriend.

Now have started the blame game and both the parties and their respective supporters are doing deepest research on each other and taking out the ghosts of the past. I have not been able to understand thus far as to how people find so much of time to put down their current state of mind on Twitter and even more that how curious and eager other people are to know what these celebrities have just written.

Lalit Modi (I suppose, he should have been very very busy with the on-going IPL), found enough time to leak the name of one of the owners of the Kochi team on Twitter (why on the earth did he use this medium??).
Then on further probing, this owner- "a beautiful attractive lady" - as quoted by Tharoor, Sunanda Pushkar, is rumoured to be Shashi Tharoor's girlfriend and they are about to get married.
Ms. Pushkar is said to have no skill and interest to be made the co-owner and this is when the real controversy striked. Shashi Tharoor supposedly used his GF (yeah, the slang) to put his stake in the team, which as a minister he cannot have and also instructed Modi not to probe into the owners of the Kochi Team.
Though Modi supposedly wanted other business groups to win the bid for the team,so that he can have the indirect stakes in the team.
This can be termed as money laundering and illegal betting.
Then all the Sherlock Holmes (as I mentioned earlier as well) took out Modi's life history, which is full of criminal charges against him.
Lalit Modi, himself is supposedly having stakes in other teams through his relatives.
Government came to Tharoor's rescue. They accepted his resignation (to keep up their clean image) and attacked Modi-aka-IPL-aka-BCCI, by asking all the papers and tax probe. If tax probe is done, BCCI may end up paying billions of rupees to the government.
In this scenario, BCCI is ready to sack Modi (better to lose one man than paying this hefty amount).
But how can the GOD of IPL quit? The IPL and its associates have been subject to nationwide tax raids over the past few days and authorities have summoned IPL officials on Friday to hand over all paperwork related to the tournament. This has led all the franchisees into deep trouble and tense situation.

Ultimately, Tharoor has quit, Sunanda Pushkar has quit, Modi is facing the same charges that he has put on Tharoor (of using someone else to get the stakes in the team), entire IPL brigade is under the scanner now.
The cuplrit: Twitter. Lets see where does this all end up at. I am again very confused (as I was in the case of Sania-Shoaib). You are most welcome to put this entire case in the most simple language, to make me understand, in the comments section. Thank You.
1. The word "supposedly" has been used many times, because all of us are still in the "guessing" mode. Nothing is sure and certain. So, don't be annoyed by the repeatitive use of this word.
2. Don't forget to visit this place . I always wonder how Wikipedia always have all the information.


  1. Well, that reads like a modern adaptation of an 18th century english Sattire....It does have all the masala to be one. Your discovery, i.e. the real culprit behind all was hilarious to read :)

  2. the whole thing will get fuss out very soon, with Modi-G giving resignation at the end...Lot of Big fish wont like probes going on....I liked your main Culprit :D


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