Monday, April 26, 2010

How to keep yourself awake in Office...

By working, ofcourse....

But in case you don't have any work or if it is a Monday (and you are damn sleepy) or if it is your birthday or your boss has made your life miserable and thus you don't want to work or if you are engaged/married (newly married only) and its a perfect romantic weather outside, and SO you are not able to concentrate on your work and are a restless soul, how would you keep yourself from falling off your chair publicly??

Do write in your ways how you keep yourself awake in the Comments section. I am scribbling down my ways:

1. Keep on drinking lot of water
2. Keep munching on to something- I eat biscuits, others may use Chewing Gum (you cannot sleep while chewing something right? or can you?? Don't tell me !!!)
3. Keep going to washrooms and stretch yourself and wash your face (I do that repeatedly till my face becomes so cold and numb that it loses all its senses)
4. Play games (which I can do only when my boss is not around- it doesn't look decent you see and you ought to show off that you are a decent being atleast in your office)
5. Read novels- yes, I have finished as many as 5 novels in my office
6. GTALK  and FORWARDS and REPLY ALL option on mail and hence the vella-panti with your group mates
7. Disturb others and get into any stupid talks
8. At times when I am awake enough to get into any serious discussion, I join my group of INTELLIGENT friends, who have knowledge about most of the things. The only problem is that I forget whatever we discuss as soon as I am out of the discussion, but thats my childhood problem, can't help it.
9. Ignore everyone and put on your handsfree and listen to your favourite songs on your mobile/ipod, how-so-ever indecent it looks.
10. GOOGLE/Google Maps/Wikimapia/Rediff news etc etc. Just pick any random term and type it on google and start your search.
11. Write a blogpost, as I had just now done...

These are my ways to make sure that I don't fall off my chair and let people have a good laugh about it. Do write in your ways, they may be interesting enough to put all of us reading this blog off the sleep at our workplaces.... CHEERS !!!


  1. -> Trouble office boys till they get you a coffee...

    -> Roam around, get a news paper n try to read the gossip section

    -> Cleaning the drawer/desk is another good idea

    -> Research about train, flights, cars, places, distances etc if u r the travel agent for the company..if not surely for the family..

  2. hahaha... how can i forget u being a travel agent 4 all of us atleast...
    n u forgot 1 more thing - Shaadi consultant and search engine for any boy/girl 4 matrimonial purposes...

    I have other options too,but let others also contribute.. I ll update my list in few days...

  3. I simply rest my head over the table and SLEEP..!!!!

  4. its gr8 that u people complete ur work on time or before time and have ample time to pass on...with these gr8 and unachievable for me ideas :(

  5. In my opinion, never ever compromise wid your jao yaar .... kyun awake rakhna hai khud ko jab neeni aa ri ho ... Sleeping in office gives you such a comfortable feeling ...Why miss this experience..!!

  6. i will rather sleep ...and if i fall off the chair, that's all the more amazing coz then i will tell ppl that i am not well and have to go home...cant help it you see ;)

    but i wil make sure i go on a date where no one frm office see me :P

  7. Div Saini, 1st para, i really liked ur way out of offc...
    but last line needs a complete post-mortem... DATE??!! wat r u upto?? i toh now cannot even say that i wud go on a Date.. is going out wid hubby also referred to as DATE??

  8. you guys get all that time to do sooo many activities... i jus work to keep myself awake.. and ya i also have to go to washroom to wash my face as its really hot and when i am sleeeeepy..

  9. You are working with which co., so much of free time..?? 3i, right... ;-) i generally put songs, read newspaper, watch girls :) , search about new biz. ideas, play quiz with frnds on gtalk, read wikipedia, talk with frnds over phone, n if still i get bored... i discuss upcoming films with you ... :D
    Nice point raise ... keep such topics floating

  10. BTW for every1's GK, Akshay Laddhad also works 4 de same comp.- 3i Infotech Ltd. n de same project.. so, all of u can see that his list is almost as lengthy as mine :P

    @Vipul: I was also luking 4 a corner seat in de last bay whr i can sleep comfortably..BUT...

    @Achint: U got me wrong.. V also hav LOT of work at offc (:P) but v r always sleepy u knw...


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