Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Got these questions from the "Light Humor" section of the magazine from one of the most boring (that's what I think) team of any organization- Legal...

Read this, even you will think "WHY?"

1) If swimming is a good exercise to stay fit, then WHY WHALES are fat?

2) WHY is that everyone wants to go to HEAVEN but nobody wants to die?

3) Shall I say that there is racial discrimination in CHESS as WHITE piece is moved first?

4) In our Country, we have freedom for SPEECH, then WHY telephone bills?

5) If MONEY doesn't grow on tress then WHY do BANKS have branches?

6) WHY does a round PIZZA come in a SQUARE box?

7) WHY doesn't GLUE stick to its bottle?

8) WHY do you still call it a BUILDING when its already BUILT?

9) If its true that WE are here to help others, then what OTHERS are here for?

10) If you aren't supposed to DRINK AND DRIVE, then WHY do BARS have parking lots?

WE are funny people living in a SERIOUSLY funny world!!!!!!!!!!


  1. With no background music, I don't know from where this gal finds time to scribble.
    I find interesting.
    I have been watching this space....!!
    Keep going...

  2. Vipin, cant understand if it is the appreciation or u r making my current status at the office public... :D
    I hav lot of tym, ooops, I take out tym 2 scribble so much you see...
    but, gud 2 knw that u find this space interesting... thanks...


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